Day: January 15, 2022

Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy ServicesPhysical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services

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Physical therapy and occupational therapy are two forms of rehabilitation that help patients improve their physical, mental and cognitive abilities. Physical therapists help people develop increased movement capabilities, with attention to the increasing or decreasing effects of pain. They aim to build strength, endurance and balance within an individual’s home setting as well as in order for people to sustain daily activities. Occupational therapists help individuals improve their ability to perform tasks on a daily basis. This includes work, school, family interactions and other roles that require more than just basic everyday activities. This can be achieved through helping patients learn new behaviors, relearn lost ones or assess the environment around them so they can understand more fully how it affects them on a daily basis. Their goal is to improve the patient’s ability to control and cope with their everyday life.

The physical therapy specialists that we have at our clinic are specialists in improving movement, controlling pain and rehabilitating people after an injury or surgery. They will design a plan of care for each individual, taking their health history and medical background into consideration and make recommendations based on this information along with your goals and preferences. Physical therapists can also help patients learn techniques they can practice outside of the clinic, such as stretches or exercises to strengthen muscles or increase coordination. The physiotherapy services we offer include physiotherapy assessment, physiotherapy treatment (manual therapy), physiotherapy management (to prevent re-injury), physiotherapy education (on how to manage your condition at home) as well as physiotherapy referrals.

The physiotherapy specialist offers assistance with several different types of conditions including, but are not limited to, sports injuries, chronic pain, amputations, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. The physiotherapist uses techniques such as massage therapy, water therapy or exercise regimes to help patients cope with their condition better or treat it completely.

Physiotherapy services are provided by physiotherapy clinic Toronto in the field of medicine whereas occupational therapists deal with treatment of mental disabilities through occupational activities which can be performed at work or at home. Some common interventions include teaching blind people skills for living at home or work, rehabilitating people who have had a stroke, helping people with learning disabilities to learn independent living skills.

An physiotherapy specialist often works in the field of medicine whereas an occupational therapist usually works in rehabilitation centers. Both professionals can be found working in private clinics and hospitals. A physiotherapist is more likely to work with patients directly while an occupational therapist is more likely to focus on how structures such as tools, machines or equipment can help disabled people become independent.