Step 1 – Know Yourself

Follow one of the links below to get started:

Skills Inventory Activity
Discover what skills you have and how skills are key to finding that perfect job in your future. Check out the activities you do each day and discover how they are building the skills you need for the job you want.

Career Cruising
Find the right career by exploring different career options. Interactive and fun!
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Accurately measure 3 essential skills needed for employment

A starting point in self discovery. Explore your abilities, interests, and preferences as part of making your career decisions.

Abilities Quiz
Assess your abilities using the following quiz. You will get a list of occupations to explore that match your abilities.

Data, People Things Quiz
All occupations combine working with data/information, people and things in different ways. You will get a list of occupations that matches the profile you select.

Work Preference Quiz
Your interests and the way you like to work are an important aspect to consider in deciding on a career direction.

Work Values Quiz
Your values are important clues to what kind of work and work conditions you would like. The Work Values Quiz can help you determine your work motivations, your preferred work setting, how you like to interact with others, and your work style.

Multiple Intelligence Quiz
Research shows that people have eight different types of intelligence, usually with strength in three or four. Use this quiz to find out about your unique style of thinking and understanding.

Seeing, Hearing and Doing Quiz
This quiz is a good first step in exploring learning styles. It will help you determine whether you tend learning by seeing, hearing or doing.